Animated Stroke Order of 三:

stroke order animation of 三

Radical:一     Strokes:3

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Words with Chinese Character 三:
三K党KKK; Klan; Ku Klux Klan
三…四expressing confusion
三一三十一equally shared among three parties.
三一节(Sunday after Pentecost) Trinity Sunday
三七Panax pseudo-ginseng var. notoginseng
三七开ratio seventy to thirty
thirty percent failure, seventy percent success
三七开定论thirty percent failure, seventy percent success, the official PRC verdict on Mao Zedong
三三两两in twos and threes
三下五除二neat and quick
三不the three no's (abbreviated catchphrase)
三不知to know nothing about the beginning, the middle or the end
to know nothing at all
三不管come within nobody's jurisdiction
三世the Third (of named Kings)
三个一组triune; triplet; triple; tern; triad; trine; triangle; trifold; plicity trine; trio; triplicity
三个世界three worlds, i.e. Western capitalism, Soviet communism and the non-aligned countries
三个代表the Three Represents enunciated by Jiang Zemin 江澤民|江泽民 as the duty of the Chinese Communist party in 2001, namely: to represent productivity of an advanced society, forward progress of advanced culture and the fundamental interests of the people
三个和尚没水喝Everybody's business is nobody's business.
三个女人一个墟three women makes a crowd
三个女人一台戏three women are enough for a drama (idiom)