Animated Stroke Order of 下:

stroke order animation of 下

Radical:一     Strokes:3

Pinyin & Definition:

xiàdown/downwards/below/lower/later/next (week etc)/second (of two parts)/to decline/to go down

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 下:
下一个the next one
下一代the next generation
下一步the next step
下一站the next stop (of a bus etc)
下一辈the coming generation; the younger generation
下一页next page
下三滥Usually written as "下三烂".
下不为例not to be repeated
not to be taken as a precedent
just this once
下不了台be unable to find a way out of an embarrassing situation; unable to back down with good grace
下不来be unable to come down; feel embrassed
下不来台be put on the spot
下世to die
the next generation
下个星期next week
下个月next month
下中农lower-middle peasant
下中音[Music] a submediant; a superdominant