Animated Stroke Order of 中:

stroke order animation of 中

Radical:丨     Strokes:4

Pinyin & Definition:

zhōngwithin/among/in/middle/center/while (doing sth)/during/China/Chinese
zhònghit (the mark)

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 中:
surname Zhong
中上层at the middle and upper levels
中下游midstream and downstream
中不溜儿fair to middling; middling
中专vocational secondary school
technical secondary school
trade school
Middle Ages
中世纪城堡tower house
中世纪的medieval; mediaeval; knight-errant
中世纪英语ME (Middle English)
中东East China
Middle East
中东地区Middle East; Middle East area
中东的middle eastern; mideast
中举to pass the provincial level imperial examination
中云middle clouds; medium clouds
中亚Central Asia
中亚细亚Central Asia
中亚草原Central Asian grasslands
中产middle class
to ascend to the middle class
中产阶级middle class
中产阶级的bourgeois; middle-class