Animated Stroke Order of 串:

stroke order animation of 串

Radical:丨     Strokes:7

Pinyin & Definition:

chuànto string together/to mix up/to conspire/to connect/a string (computing)/(classifier for rows or strings)

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 串:
to string together
to mix up
to conspire
串乡go to the countrysides
串亲戚go visiting one's relatives
串亲访友to call on friends and relations (idiom)
串供to collude
to string a false confession
串初始化 [Telecom] initialization string (a series of commands sent by your terminal program to configure your modem, usually when the program is started or when auto-dialing pre-defined communications service telephone numbers)
串励series excitation
串口serial port (computing)
串味儿absorb the smell of something
串处理string processing (computing)
串处理语言string processing language
串子a string of
串岗to leave one's post during working hours
串并联series-parallel connection; series multiple; series and parallel; series-multiple connection; series parallel
串式string data
串戏play a part; take part in play
串换to exchange
to change
to swap