Animated Stroke Order of 乘:

stroke order animation of 乘

Radical:丿     Strokes:10

Pinyin & Definition:

chéngto ride/to mount/to make use of/to avail oneself of/to take advantage of/to multiply/Buddhist teaching

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 乘:
surname Cheng
乘人不备to take advantage of sb in an unguarded moment (idiom)
to take sb by surprise
乘人之危to take advantage of sb's precarious position
乘便at your convenience
乘兴while in high spirits
feeling upbeat
on an impulse
乘兴而来arrive in high spirits
乘其不备to catch one unprepared; to take advantage of sb.'s unpreparedness; to catch (or take) sb. off (his) guard; to catch sb. with his pants (or trousers) down
乘凉to cool off in the shade
乘出租车to take a taxi
乘务service on buses or trains
乘务员attendant on an airplane, train, boat etc
乘务员车a caboose
乘务组train crew
乘势to seize the opportunity
to strike while the iron is hot
乘号multiplication sign (math.)
乘坐to ride (in a vehicle)
乘坚策肥to live in luxury
lit. to ride a solid carriage pulled by fat horses
乘客座位a passenger seat