Animated Stroke Order of 二:

stroke order animation of 二

Radical:二     Strokes:2

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Words with Chinese Character 二:
  • two; 2
    two pennies
    Five plus two equals seven.
  • stupid (Beijing dialect)
    Are you a fool?
  • 二一添作五lit. one half equals zero point five (division rule in abacus reckoning)
    to share fairly between two parties
    to go fifty-fifty
    二一添做五to go halves; to go fifty-fifty
    二丁醚dibutyl ether
    二七区Erqi district of Zhengzhou city 鄭州市|郑州市
    二世the Second (of numbered Kings)
    second generation (e.g. Chinese Americans), Japanese nissei
    二乎To withdraw due to fear
    二乙烯基苯divinylbenzene; vinylstyrene
    二乙酰吗啡diacetylmorphine; diamorphine
    二五眼of inferior ability or quality; incompetent person
    二产妇lady who has given birth twice
    二人世界two people's word; the world of husband and wife
    二人台song-and-dance duet popular in Inner Mongolia
    二人转song-and-dance duet; provincial drama newly evolved from the song-and-dance duet
    二仑Erlun or Erhlun township in Yunlin county 雲林縣|云林县
    二仑乡Erlun or Erhlun township in Yunlin county 雲林縣|云林县
    twice in the year (of generations of insects, harvests etc)
    二价negotiable price
    二价元素divalent element; dyad; bivalent element; diad