Animated Stroke Order of 互:

stroke order animation of 互

Radical:二     Strokes:4

Pinyin & Definition:


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Words with Chinese Character 互:
互不干涉mutual noninterference
互不相让neither giving way to the other
互为To have or establish a relationship between two parties.
互为因果mutually related karma (idiom); fates are intertwined
互作用mutual effect; interaction
互信mutual trust
互切点[Mathematics] tacnode
互利mutually beneficial
互利互惠mutual benefit and reciprocity; offer mutual benefit and achieve common progress
互利共生[Biology] mutualism
互动光盘a CD-Interactive
互动电视interactive TV
互助Huzhu Tuzu autonomous county in Haidong prefecture 海東地區|海东地区
互助会benefit association; fraternity; Friendly Society; Provident Society
互助保险mutual insurance
互助保险公司a mutual insurance company
互助县Huzhu Tuzu autonomous county in Haidong prefecture 海東地區|海东地区