Animated Stroke Order of 交:

stroke order animation of 交

Radical:亠     Strokes:6

Pinyin & Definition:

jiāoto deliver/to turn over/to make friends/to intersect (lines)/to pay (money)

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 交:
to hand over
to deliver
to pay (money)
交与to hand over
交九the coldest period of the year
three nine day periods after the winter solstice
each other
交互作用interaction; reciprocation; interact; crosscorrelation; reciprocal action; correlation; counterchange; cross action
交互处理interactive processing
交互影响to interwork
2.reciprocal effect
交互的seesaw; alternating; alternant; alternate; interactive
交互系统interactive system
交互输血法reciprocal transfusion
交付to hand over
to deliver
交付表决to put to the vote; to take a vote
交代to hand over
to explain
to make clear
交会to encounter
to rendezvous
to converge
交作业to hand in an assignment
交保to post bail
交保释放to release sb on bail
交公hand over to the collective or the state; hand over to the collextive or the state