Animated Stroke Order of 令:

stroke order animation of 令

Radical:人     Strokes:5

Pinyin & Definition:

lìngmake or cause to be/order/command/decree/honorable

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 令:
see 令狐
令亲Your esteemed parent (honorific)
令人to cause sb (to do)
to make one (feel sth)
(used in constructing words for feelings such as anger, surprise, sympathy etc)
令人不安的disconcerting; discomforting; disquieting; troubling; worrisome
令人不快的undesirable; unfavorable; offensive; ill-favored; noisome; unpalatable; beastly
令人伤心的heart rending; affecting
令人作呕make one sick
令人作呕的carrion; nauseous; mawkish; sickening; dungy; sicklily; ad nauseam; sickly
令人信服valid; convincing; compelling; persuasive; stringent
令人信服的compellent; convictive; convincing
令人兴奋to excite
令人兴奋的infusive; thrilling; exciting; exhilaration; exhilarative
令人切齿utterly detestable
令人厌倦tiresome; dreary; irksome
令人厌恶的gruesome; nasty; disgusting; unedifying; chunderous; grewsome; ucky; puky; aversive; repulsive; obtrusive; revolting; mawkish; irksome; yuky
令人厌烦to bore one to tears; to make one feel disgusted
2.boring; irksome; bothersome; dreary; dull
令人厌烦的irksome; smarmy; trying; boring; deadsville; weary
令人发指to make one's hair stand up in anger (idiom); to raise people's hackles
令人叹to astonish