Animated Stroke Order of 任:

stroke order animation of 任

Radical:亻     Strokes:6

Pinyin & Definition:

rènto assign/to appoint/to take up a post/office/responsibility/to let/to allow/to give free rein to/no matter (how, what etc)/surname Ren

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 任:
surname Ren
任一个any one of (a list of possibilities)
任丘市Renqiu county level city in Cangzhou 滄州|沧州
任事appointment to an important post
任人to appoint (sb to a post)
任人唯亲to appoint people by favoritism (idiom); nepotism
corrupt appointment
任人唯贤to appoint people according to their merits (idiom); appointment on the basis of ability and integrity
任人宰割allow oneself to be trampled upon
任人摆布to allow oneself to be ordered about; to be at the mercy of others
任人驱策to allow oneself to be ordered about
任从at one's discretion
任何事anything; OWT
任何其他any other
任何地方anyplace; throughout
任何时候in season and out of season; at any time; anytime
helping the weak for the sake of justice
任便as you see fit
to do as one likes
任免to appoint and dismiss