Animated Stroke Order of 伐:

stroke order animation of 伐

Radical:亻     Strokes:6

Pinyin & Definition:

to cut down/to fell/to dispatch an expedition against/to attack/to boast

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 伐:
to cut down
to fell
to dispatch an expedition against
伐区cutting area; wood cutting area; felling area; coupe
伐善To show off one's good qualities.
伐木to cut wood
伐木业logging; lumbering
伐木场a logging area
伐木工timberjack; timber cutter; woodman; woodcutter; feller; logger; lumber-man
tree cutter
伐木机a feller; a felling-machine
伐木者woodman; woodchopper; chopper; wood chopper; lumberjack; lumberman
伐柯(cf Book of Songs) How to fashion an ax handle? You need an ax
fig. to follow a principle
fig. to act as match-maker