Animated Stroke Order of 传:

stroke order animation of 传

Radical:亻     Strokes:6

Pinyin & Definition:

chuánto pass on/to spread/to transmit/to infect/to transfer/to circulate/to conduct (electricity)

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 传:
to pass on
to spread
to transmit
传三过四to spread rumors
to gossip
传下去go down
传世handed down from ancient times
family heirloom
传习teaching and learning
to study and impart
传书To pass a letter.
传书鸽carrier pigeon (used for mail)
传人to teach
to impart
a disciple
传代to pass to the next generation
传令to transmit an order
传位open position
传信鸽a carrier pigeon; a homing pigeon; a homer
传入to import
transmitted inwards
传入的afferent; esodic; incident; inferent; eisodic
传入神经afferent nerve (transmitting in to the brain)
afferent neuron
传入纤维afferent fibers; centripetal fiber
传写to copy
to pass on a copy
传出to transmit outwards
to disseminate
efferent (nerve)
传出的efferent; efferential; exodic; centrifugal