Animated Stroke Order of 倚:

stroke order animation of 倚

Radical:亻     Strokes:10

Pinyin & Definition:

to lean on/rely upon

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Words with Chinese Character 倚:
to lean on
rely upon
倚仗to lean on
rely on
倚势To depend on power and influence
倚势凌人to throw one's weight around; to abuse one's power to bully others
倚天屠龙记Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre, wuxia (武侠, martial arts chivalry) novel by Jin Yong 金庸 and its screen adaptations
倚官仗势count on one's powerful connections
倚栏望月to lean against the railings and look at the moon (idiom)
倚老卖老flaunt one's age or seniority
倚赖to rely on
to be dependent on
倚重to rely heavily upon
倚靠to lean on
to rest against
to rely on
倚马千言dash off a thousand words at the side of a horse; write with great facility
倚马可待a writer's ability to write an article very fast