Animated Stroke Order of 免:

stroke order animation of 免

Radical:刀     Strokes:7

Pinyin & Definition:

miǎnto exempt/to remove/to avoid/to excuse

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 免:
to excuse sb
to exempt
to remove or dismiss from office
can't be avoided
免不得be unavoidable; be bound to be
免予exempt from
免予起诉be exempt from prosecution; exemption from prosecution
免于公诉immunity from prosecution
免于处罚to remit; to get away with murder
免于起诉exemption from prosecution
免交保费waiver of premium
免付邮资 free of postage
免俗do one's own thing
免修be excused from a college course
免冠without hat
免刑exempt from punishment; exemption from punishment
免办签证exempt from visa; visa waiver
免去职务to relieve from office
to sack
免受to avoid suffering
to prevent (sth bad)
to protect against (damage)
免受伤害to avoid damage