Animated Stroke Order of 兜:

stroke order animation of 兜

Radical:儿     Strokes:11

Pinyin & Definition:


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Words with Chinese Character 兜:
to wrap up or hold in a bag
兜儿erhua variant of 兜
兜兜an undergarment covering chest and abdomen
兜击uppercut; half-volley
兜卖to peddle
to hawk (pirate goods)
兜售to hawk
to peddle
兜售保险to sell insurance
兜圈子to encircle
to go around
to circle
兜头Right on the head
兜头盖脸right in the face
兜子pocket; bamboo chair for one person carried on two poles by two men
兜底to reveal
to expose
兜抄to surround and attack
to corner
to envelop
兜捕to round up (fugitives)
to corner and arrest
兜揽to canvas (for customers)
to solicit
to advertise
兜生意To solicit business.
兜甲loricae; lorica; armour
兜翻to expose
to turn over
兜老底兜鍪helmet (archaic)