Animated Stroke Order of 冒:

stroke order animation of 冒

Radical:冂     Strokes:9

Pinyin & Definition:

màoto emit/to give off/to send out (or up, forth)/brave/bold/to cover

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 冒:
to emit
to give off
to send out (or up, forth)
冒傻气Stupidity and silliness carried in one's behavior and way of speaking.
冒充to feign
to pretend to be
to pass oneself off as
冒充的pseudo; supposititious; brummagem; imitation
冒充者jactitator; masquerader; pretender; impostor
冒出drop-in; drop
冒功claim the credit for oneself
冒口shrink head; feeder head; riser pad; riser head; sullage pipe; dead head; riserhead; head metal; flash groove; feeder; riser; opentop feeder; sink-head; casting head; gate riser; head; hot top
冒号colon (punct.)
冒名an impostor
to impersonate
冒名者a personator
冒名顶替to assume sb's name and take his place (idiom); to impersonate
to pose under a false name
冒场 To go on stage before the cue during a theatrical show.
冒大不韪to disregard universal condemnation (idiom)
冒天下之大不韪to defy world opinion
to risk universal condemnation
冒失imperence; liberty; boldness; impudence
冒失鬼reckless person