Animated Stroke Order of 写:

stroke order animation of 写

Radical:冖     Strokes:5

Pinyin & Definition:

xiěto write

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 写:
to write
写下to write down
written works
写作技巧writing techniques
写作班a writing group
写作班子writing group
写保护槽 [Computer] write protect notch
写信to write a letter
写入[Computer] to read in; to write in; to load
写字to write characters
写字台writing desk
写字板tablet; wordpad
写字板椅Link chair
写字桌writing table; writing desk; escritoire; secretary
写字楼office building
写完to finish writing
写实write or paint realistically; realization; realistic writing and painting
写家A person be good at writing or calligraphy.