Animated Stroke Order of 凝:

stroke order animation of 凝

Radical:冫     Strokes:16

Pinyin & Definition:

níngto congeal/to concentrate attention/to stare

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 凝:
to congeal
to concentrate attention
to stare
凝乳curd; clabber; ziega; lapper milk; milk curd; renneting; curdled milk; curd cheese; cottage cheese; curds
凝乳蛋白 [Biochemistry] rennin; chymosin
凝乳酵素[Biochemistry] rennet; rennin
凝乳酶renninum; chymosin; ferment rennet; lab ferment; pexin; rennin; milk clotting enzyme; rennet; milk coagulating enzyme
凝冰器[Physics] cryophorus
凝固to freeze
to solidify
to congeal
凝固剂solidifying agent
凝固汽油napalm; incinderjell; gelatinized gasoline; gelled gasoline; solidified gasoline; jellied gasoline
凝固汽油弹napalm; jelly bomb; oil bomb; petrol bomb
凝固浴precipitating bath; coagulation bath; coagulating bath
凝固温度freezing point; gelatinization temperature; setting temperature; solidification temperature; freezing temperature
凝固点freezing point
凝固热heat of freezing; heat of solidification; solidification heat
凝固蛋白[Biochemistry] coagulin
凝固酶coagulative ferment; coagulase
blood clot