Animated Stroke Order of 凸:

stroke order animation of 凸

Radical:凵     Strokes:5

Pinyin & Definition:

convex/to stick out

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 凸:
to stick out
Taiwan pr. tu2
凸凸convex on both sides (of lens)
凸凹形convex concave
凸凹透镜convexo concave lens; negative meniscus; meniscus; convex concave lens
凸出to protrude
to stick out
凸出的bulgy; protuberant; projecting; prominent; convex; bombous; protrusion
凸嘴凹鼻projecting lips and a sunken nose
凸圆[Astronomy] gibbosity
凸多胞形convex polytope
凸多边形convex polygon
凸多面体convex polyhedron
凸岸convex bank
凸底dropped bottom
凸形的umbonate; convex; male
凸折线convex polygonal line
凸显to present clearly
to give prominence to
to magnify
凸月the gibbous moon