Animated Stroke Order of 出:

stroke order animation of 出

Radical:凵     Strokes:5

Pinyin & Definition:

chūto go out/to come out/to occur/to produce/to go beyond/to rise/to put forth/to happen/classifier for dramas, plays, operas etc

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 出:
to go out
to come out
to occur
to be humiliated
出世to enter the world (i.e. to be born)
to be reborn (in Christianity)
出丧to hold a funeral procession
出主意brain storm
出乎due to
to stem from
to go beyond (also fig. beyond reason, expectations etc)
出乎意外beyond expectation (idiom); unexpected
出乎意料beyond expectation (idiom); unexpected
出乎预料beyond expectation (idiom); unexpected
出乖露丑make a spectacle of oneself
出乘start a work shift
出九coldest days of the year end
出书to publish books
出乱子to go wrong
to get into trouble
出了事sth bad happened
出事have an accident
meet with a mishap
出事地点the site of accident
出于due to
to stem from
出于一时冲动to act on impulse
出于怜悯out of pity