Animated Stroke Order of 凿:

stroke order animation of 凿

Radical:凵     Strokes:12

Pinyin & Definition:

záochisel/mortise (hole in wood for joint)/certain
zuòmortise (hole in wood for joint)/certain

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 凿:
to bore a hole
to chisel or dig
凿井to dig a well
凿冰to make a hole in the ice
凿凿certain; true; verified
凿孔perforate; punching; scuttle
凿密fuller; fullering; calk
凿岩rock drilling; rock lifting
凿岩机charge; gadder; jackdrill; hammer drill; pulsator jig; percussion borer; drill rig; bore hammer; drill carriage; drill jumbo; drill hammer; plugger; hammerdrill; rock drilling machine; rock drill
凿枘to fit like mortise and tenon
凿死理儿obstinate; stubborn; dogged
凿眼To drill a hole with a chisel.
凿石场rock quarry
凿石锤bush hammer; boucharde
凿空to open an aperture
(extended meaning) to cut a way through
to open up a road