Animated Stroke Order of 切:

stroke order animation of 切

Radical:刀     Strokes:4

Pinyin & Definition:

qiēto cut/to slice
qièclose to

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 切:
to cut
to slice
tangent (math)
切丝to cut into shreds; to shred
切中to hit the target (esp. in argument)
to strike home
切中时弊to hit home on the evils of the day (idiom); fig. to hit a current political target
to hit the nub of the matter
切中时病to hit the target where it hurts (idiom); fig. to hit home
to hit the nail on the head (in an argument)
切中要害to hit the target and do real damage (idiom) hit where it hurts
fig. to hit home
切入to cut into
to incise
to penetrate deeply into (a topic, area etc)
切刀cutting knife; trimmer; diffusion knife; parting tool; gad
切分syncopate; split; segmentation
切分信息segmental information
切分音syncopation; syncope
切切此布This proclamation is hereby issued in all sincerity and earnestness.
切切私语a private whisper
切削cutting; stock removing; remotion; cut; stock removal
切削面cutting face; face cutting
切割to cut
切割器cutter; header comb; knife bar; cutting mechanism; cutting knife; cutterbar; sickle; colter; apparatus cutting; cutting apparatus
切割机cutting machine; cutter