Animated Stroke Order of 刑:

stroke order animation of 刑

Radical:刂     Strokes:6

Pinyin & Definition:


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Words with Chinese Character 刑:
surname Xing
刑事侦察criminal investigation
刑事侦察科a criminal investigation section
刑事侦查criminal investigation
刑事判决criminal judgement
刑事处分criminal sanction
刑事审判庭criminal court
刑事局Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB)
刑事庭a criminal division
刑事拘留to detain as criminal
刑事案件criminal case
刑事法庭criminal court
刑事法院criminal court
judiciary court
刑事犯a criminal
刑事犯罪criminal offence
刑事的penal; criminal
刑事管辖权criminal jurisdiction
刑事罪[Law] a criminal charge; a criminal offense; a penal offense; a crime