Animated Stroke Order of 划:

stroke order animation of 划

Radical:刂     Strokes:6

Pinyin & Definition:

huáto row/to paddle/to scratch a surface/profitable/worth (the effort)/it pays (to do sth)
huáto scratch a surface
huàto delimit/to transfer/to assign/to differentiate/to mark off/to draw (a line)/to delete/stroke of a Chinese character

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Words with Chinese Character 划:
to row
to paddle
to scratch a surface
to standardize
划不来not worth it
划为divide; assign
划价to price (medical prescription)
划伤to damage by scratching
划出line out; lay off; mark off
划分to divide
划动oar; row; paddling
划圆防守to counter (a stroke in fencing)
划地绝交to sever friendship by making a mark on the ground
划子small row-boat
划定to demarcate
to delimit
to allocate
划定边界to delimit boundaries; to delimit or demarcate a frontier
划开gash; rip; tear
划归to incorporate
to put under (external administration)
划得来worth it
it pays to
划拉to sweep
to brush away
划拨to assign
to allocate
to transfer (money to an account)