Animated Stroke Order of 削:

stroke order animation of 削

Radical:刂     Strokes:9

Pinyin & Definition:

xiāoto scrape
xuēto reduce/to pare (away)/to cut (down)

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 削:
to scrape
削价lower the price; price cutting; undercut price; price reduction; markdown
削价出售to undersell
削价竞争a price war
削减to cut down
to reduce
to lower
削减关税reduction in tariff
削凿cross chisel; cape chisel
削发to shave one's head
fig. to become a monk or nun
to take the tonsure
削发剪thinning scissors
削壁cliff; escarpment
削尖nib; peaking; sharpening; fine away; pointed; sharping; sharpen
削平scapple; bevelment
削弱to weaken
削梨to peel a pear
削波电路clip circuit
削球(sport) to chop
to cut
削皮to peel; to pare