Animated Stroke Order of 剩:

stroke order animation of 剩

Radical:刂     Strokes:12

Pinyin & Definition:

shènghave as remainder

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Words with Chinese Character 剩:
to remain
to be left
to have as remainder
剩下to remain
left over
剩下的uneaten; remaining; to go; leave over; spare
剩余产品surplus product; surplus products
剩余价值surplus value
剩余农产品agricultural surplus
剩余劳动surplus labour
剩余定理the Remainder Theorem
剩余放射性residual radioactivity
剩余物remainder; surplusage; remains; lave; surplus; leftovers; residua; arisings; residue; leftover
剩余物资surplus materials; residual material
剩余的remanent; remainder; residuary; residual; surplus; odd; remaining; remnant; leftover
剩余类residue class
剩余辐射residual radiation
剩余部分the rest; rest
剩女leftover woman (successful career woman who has remained single)
剩磁residual magnetism