Animated Stroke Order of 助:

stroke order animation of 助

Radical:力     Strokes:7

Pinyin & Definition:

zhùto help/to assist

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 助:
to help
to assist
助产to help a mother give birth
助产术[Medicine] midwifery
助人为乐pleasure from helping others (idiom)
助人为快乐之本pleasure from helping others
助催化剂catalyst accelerato; cocatalyst; catalystaccelerato; promotor; catalyst accelerator; promoter
助兴to add to the fun
to liven things up
助力a helping hand
助力器strengthener; booster
助动词auxiliary verb
modal verb
助动车scooter (gas powered)
助听器hearing aid
助威to cheer for
to encourage
to boost the morale of
助孕素[Medicine] progestin
助学give financial aid to students
助学贷款student loan
助学金stipend; maintenance grant; study grant; student aid
助工assistant engineer