Animated Stroke Order of 努:

stroke order animation of 努

Radical:力     Strokes:7

Pinyin & Definition:

to exert/to strive

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 努:
to exert
to strive
努出to extend
to push out (hands as a gesture)
to pout (i.e. push out lips)
努力great effort
to strive
to try hard
努力争取labour for; labor; push
努力以赴to use one’s best efforts to do sth (idiom)
努力工作hard-working work hard
努力的struggling; studious; exertive
努劲儿to extend
to put forth
努嘴to pout
to stick out one's lips
努嘴儿erhua variant of 努嘴, to pout
to stick out one's lips
努尔哈赤Nurhaci (1559-1626), founder and first Khan of the Manchu Later Jin dynasty 後金|后金 (from 1616)
努瓜娄发Nukualofa (the capital of Tonga)
努瓦克肖特Nouakchott, capital of Mauritania
努纳武特Nunavut territory, Canada