Animated Stroke Order of 勉:

stroke order animation of 勉

Radical:力     Strokes:9

Pinyin & Definition:

miǎnexhort/to make an effort

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 勉:
to make an effort
勉为其难undertake to do what is apparently beyond one's ability
勉力to strive
to make an effort
to exert oneself
勉力而为to try one's best to do sth (idiom)
勉励to encourage
勉勉强强to achieve with difficulty
only just up to the task
barely adequate
勉县Mian county in Hànzhōng 漢中|汉中
勉尽力量to do one's best
勉强to do with difficulty
to force sb to do sth
勉强的loath; unwilling; narrow; reluctant; tardy; grudging; loth; unnatural; labored; laboured
勉强说出cough up
勉强通过squeeze through; shave through; scrape by; scrape through
勉慰To encourage and comfort.