Animated Stroke Order of 勒:

stroke order animation of 勒

Radical:力     Strokes:11

Pinyin & Definition:

rein in
lēito choke/to throttle/to strangle

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 勒:
rein in
勒令to order
to force
勒哈费尔Le Havre (French town)
勒威耶Urbain Le Verrier (1811-1877), French mathematician and astronomer who predicted the position of Neptune
勒庞Jean-Marie Le Pen (1928-), French Front National extreme right-wing politician
勒戒to force sb (to give up drug)
to enforce abstinence
to break drug dependence
勒斯波斯Lesbos (Greek island in Aegean)
勒斯波斯岛Lesbos (Greek island in Aegean)
勒杀to strangle
勒死to strangle
勒毙to strangle or throttle to death
勒派force; levy on
勒碑to record one's achievements by engraving them on a stone tablet
勒索to blackmail
to extort
勒索者extortioner; wringer; blackmailer; exactor; flayflint; extortionist; racketeer
勒紧to tighten (bond)