Animated Stroke Order of 升:

stroke order animation of 升

Radical:十     Strokes:4

Pinyin & Definition:

shēngto raise/to hoist/to promote/metric liter (also written 公升)/measure for dry grain equal to one-tenth dou 斗

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 升:
  • rise; hoist; ascend
    They run the national flag up in the morning.
  • promote
    As a reward, I was promoted to district manager.
  • litre, measure word for liquid
    three litres of gas
  • 升交点rthbound node; ascending node; ascendingnode
    升任to be promoted to
    升值to rise in value
    to appreciate
    升入rise up into
    升力lift force; lift; lifting power; ascensional force; elevating force
    升华to sublimate
    sublimation (physics)
    to raise to a higher level
    升华干燥sublimation drying; freeze dehydration; lyophilization
    升华热sublimation heat; heat of sublimation; latent heat of sublimation
    升压step up; boost; lifting pressure
    升压变压器transformer booster; step-up transformer; booster transformer; boosting transformer; booster transformator
    升压器positive booster; pressure controller; voltage booster; booster; step-up transformer
    升压机[Chemistry] a booster
    升堂入室have profound scholarship
    升天lit. to ascend to heaven
    to die
    升学to enter the next grade school
    升学率proportion of students entering schools of a higher grade