Animated Stroke Order of 卜:

stroke order animation of 卜

Radical:卜     Strokes:2

Pinyin & Definition:

to divine/foretell/surname Bu

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Words with Chinese Character 卜:
surname Bu
卜卜米Rice Krispies
卜占to divine
to prophecy
to foretell the future
卜卦to divine using the trigrams
fortune telling
卜宅to choose a capital by divination
to choose a home
to choose one's burial place by divination
卜居to choose a home
卜征to ask oracle for war forecast
卜昼卜夜day and night (to toil, to abandon oneself to pleasure etc)
卜甲oracle tortoise shell
fortune telling
卜辞oracle inscriptions of the Shang Dynasty (16th-11th century BC) on tortoiseshells or animal bones
卜问to predict by divining
to look into the future
卜骨oracle bone
bone used for divination, esp. animal scapula