Animated Stroke Order of 卸:

stroke order animation of 卸

Radical:卩     Strokes:9

Pinyin & Definition:

xièunload/take off

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 卸:
to unload
to unhitch
to remove or strip
卸任to leave office
卸包袱To discharge from a burden.
卸套to loosen a yoke
to remove harness (from beast of burden)
卸妆to remove makeup
to take off formal dress and ornaments (traditional)
卸妆乳 [Chemistry] rinse-off cleanser
卸担子to lay down the burden; to put down a loan lay down one's responsibility
卸料装置a tripper
卸煤工人coal-whipper; coalwhipper
卸煤机coal-whipper; coal drop; coaldrop
卸磨杀驴lit. to kill the donkey when the grinding is done (idiom)
to get rid of sb once he has ceased to be useful
卸职to resign from office
to dismiss from office
卸肩lay down one's burden; shirk one's responsibility
卸肩儿lit. a weight off one's shoulders
fig. to resign a post
to lay down a burden
卸装to unload
卸责shirk one's responsibility
卸货to unload
to discharge cargo
卸货承揽人a landing agent
卸货港port of discharge; port of unloading; unloading port; port of delivery; discharge port