Animated Stroke Order of 发:

stroke order animation of 发

Radical:又     Strokes:5

Pinyin & Definition:

to send out/to show (one's feeling)/to issue/to develop/(classifier for gunshots, "rounds")
hair/Taiwan pr. fa3

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 发:
to send out
to show (one's feeling)
to issue
发上手旋球overhand float serve
发下坠球a drop service
发丧to hold a funeral
发乳rancid milk; hair cream
发交to issue and deliver (to people)
发亮to shine
发亮的rutilant; splendent; ashine; alight; shiny; luminous; lustrous; luminant
发人深思provide food for thought
发人深省provide food for thought
发付send; dispatch; dismiss; send away
发令to issue an order
发令员start organizer; starter
发令枪starting pistol
发件人sender (of mail)
From: (email header)
发伪誓forswear; forswear oneself
发作to flare-up
to break out
发作性睡病hypnolepsy; narcolepsy; paroxysmal sleep
发保险球a save service