Animated Stroke Order of 叫:

stroke order animation of 叫

Radical:口     Strokes:5

Pinyin & Definition:

jiàoto call/to yell/to order/to ask/to be called

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Words with Chinese Character 叫:
to shout
to call
to order
叫价bid; asked price
叫作to call
to be called
叫做to be called
to be known as
叫出租车to call a taxi
叫劲have a contest
叫化子variant of 叫花子
叫卖hawk; huckster; peddle; pedlery; pedlary; peddlery; outcry; vend; bawl about
叫卖者crier; vender; cryer; higler; vendor
叫号call out the numbers
叫响to gain fame and success
叫唤to cry out
to bark out a sound
叫啸To roar.
叫嚣to hoot
叫嚷to shout
to bellow one's grievances
叫回to recall
叫声yelling (sound made by person)
叫好to applaud
to cheer
叫屈complain of being wronged; complan about