Animated Stroke Order of 台:

stroke order animation of 台

Radical:口     Strokes:5

Pinyin & Definition:

táisurname Tai/(classical) you (in letters)/platform/Taiwan (abbr.)
táiplatform/stage/terrace/stand/support/desk/station/broadcasting station/classifier for vehicles or machines/Taiwan (abbr.)

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 台:
Taiwan (abbr.)
surname Tai
台上on stage
台东Táidong or Taitung city and county in Taiwan
台东县Táidong or Taitung county in southeast Taiwan
台东市Taitung city in southeast Taiwan, capital of Taitung county
台中Taizhong or Taichung city and county in central Taiwan
台中县Taichung or Taizhong county in central Taiwan
台中市Taichung city in central Taiwan
台儿庄Tai'erzhuang district of Zaozhuang city 棗莊市|枣庄市
台儿庄区Tai'erzhuang district of Zaozhuang city 棗莊市|枣庄市
台前Taiqian county in Puyang 濮陽|濮阳
台前县Taiqian county in Puyang 濮陽|濮阳
台北Taibei or Taipei, capital of Taiwan
台北县Taibei or Taipei county in north Taiwan
台北市Taibei or Taipei, capital of Taiwan
台北捷运Taipei Metro
台南Tainan (city and county in Taiwan)
台南县Tainan county in south Taiwan
台南市Tainan city in Tainan county 臺南縣|台南县