Animated Stroke Order of 吞:

stroke order animation of 吞

Radical:口     Strokes:7

Pinyin & Definition:

tūnto swallow/to take

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 吞:
to swallow
to take
吞下englut; got down; push back; swallow down; get down; swallow; get sth down; deglutition
吞云吐雾blow a cloud; blow the clouds
吞剑演员a sword swallower
吞剥embezzle and exploit
吞占embezzle; invade and occupy
吞吃to devour
吞吐to take in and send out (in large quantities)
吞吐其辞to hem and haw one's words
吞吐量thruput; thuoughput; throughput; handling capacity; loading and unloading capacity; cargo-handling capacity; volume of freight handled; turn volume
吞吞吐吐to hum and haw (idiom); to mumble as if hiding sth
to speak and break off, then start again
to hold sth back
吞咽to swallow
to gulp
吞噬to swallow
to engulf
to gobble up
吞噬作用phagocytosis (ingesting and destroying foreign matter)
吞噬细胞phagocyte (cell that ingests and destroys foreign matter)
吞声to swallow one's cries
吞声屏息with breathless anxiety
吞并to annex