Animated Stroke Order of 启:

stroke order animation of 启

Radical:口     Strokes:7

Pinyin & Definition:

to open/to start/Qi son of Yu the Great 禹, reported founder of the Xia dynasty 夏朝 (c. 2070-c. 1600 BC)

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 启:
Qi son of Yu the Great 禹
启东Qidong county level city in Nantong 南通
启东市Qidong county level city in Nantong 南通
启事announcement (written, on billboard, letter, newspaper or website)
to post information
a notice
启动to start (a machine)
to set in movement
to launch (an operation)
启动作业priming task
启动区boot sector (computing)
启动器starting vessel; starter
启动技术priming technique
启动装置starter; actuating mechanism; actuating apparatus
启动资金starting fund
启发to enlighten
to explain and arouse interest
to inspire
启发式教学heuristic mode of teaching; heuristic education; heuristic teaching; developmental modes of teaching
启发式教学法heuristics; the heuristic method of teaching
启发法heuristic method
启发过程研究[Psychology] heuristics