Animated Stroke Order of 吸:

stroke order animation of 吸

Radical:口     Strokes:6

Pinyin & Definition:

to breathe/to suck in/to absorb/to inhale

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 吸:
to breathe
to suck in
to absorb
吸乳器[Medicine] a breast pump
吸住to draw (towards)
to be drawn to
to be sucked in
吸储attract deposit
吸光度absorbency; absorbance; absorbancy; extinction
吸光率absorbency; absorbance; absorptance
吸光系数extinction coefficient; absorptivity; absorbency index
吸入to breathe in
to suck in
to inhale
吸入的inhalational; inspiratory; indrawn; drawn
吸入阀suction valve
吸力attraction (in gravitation or electrostatics)
attractive force
吸力计suction gage
吸取to absorb
to draw (a lesson, insight etc)
to assimilate
吸取教训to draw a lesson (from a setback)
吸口sucker mouth
吸吮to suck in
吸器haustellum; haustorium; haustoria