Animated Stroke Order of 商:

stroke order animation of 商

Radical:亠     Strokes:11

Pinyin & Definition:

shāngthe Shang dynasty, 16th to 11th century BC
shāngcommerce/to consult/quotient

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 商:
the Shang dynasty, 16th to 11th century BC
商丘Shangqiu prefecture level city in Henan
商丘地区Shangqiu prefecture in Henan
商丘市Shangqiu prefecture level city in Henan
商业不景气recession in business
商业中心business center
commerce center
商业交易法law of commercial transactions
商业代理merchant agent
商业信用证commercial letter of credit
商业信贷commercial credit; commercial loan; business credit
商业信贷公司the commercial credit corporation
商业化to commercialize
商业区business district
商业发票commercial invoice
商业呆滞slack in business
商业周期business cycle; reference cycle; trade cycle
商业城commercial city
商业学校business school; commercial school; commercial college