Animated Stroke Order of 喜:

stroke order animation of 喜

Radical:口     Strokes:12

Pinyin & Definition:

to be fond of/to like/to enjoy/to be happy/to feel pleased/happiness/delight/glad

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 喜:
to be fond of
to like
to enjoy
喜上眉梢be radiant with joy
喜不成寐Too excited to fall asleep.
喜不自禁unable to contain one's joy (idiom)
喜不自胜unable to contain one's joy (idiom)
喜丧A funeral for an old man with a natural death.
喜事happy occasion
喜从天降joy from heaven (idiom); overjoyed at unexpected good news
unlooked-for happy event
喜信good news
喜光的photophil; photophilous; otophilous; photophilic
喜兴very glad
喜冲冲to beam with joy
in a happy mood
喜出望外overjoyed at unexpected good news (idiom)
喜则气缓joy depresses one's qi vital breath
an excess of joy may lead to sluggishness of vital energy (traditional Chinese medicine)
喜剧演员comedian; funster; funnyman; gagger; comic
喜剧片comedy; comedy movie