Animated Stroke Order of 嗔:

stroke order animation of 嗔

Radical:口     Strokes:13

Pinyin & Definition:

chēnto be angry at

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 嗔:
to be angry at
to be displeased and annoyed
嗔喝to yell at sb in rage
嗔怒to get angry
嗔怨blame; complain
嗔怪to blame
to rebuke
嗔斥to rebuke
to scold
嗔狂to be deranged
angry look
to open one's eyes wide
嗔着to blame sb for sth (colloquial)
嗔睨to look askance at sb in anger
嗔色angry or sullen look
嗔视to look angrily at
嗔诟to berate
to curse in rage