Animated Stroke Order of 嘎:

stroke order animation of 嘎

Radical:口     Strokes:14

Pinyin & Definition:

cackling sound

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 嘎:
cackling sound
crunch (onomatopoeia)
嘎吱声start-up groan
rattling (onomatopoeia)
嘎嘎onomat. quack
also pr. ga1 ga5, ga2 ga5 etc
嘎嘎小姐Lady Gaga (1986-), US pop singer
嘎子A naughty person.
嘎巴snap; cracking or snapping sound
嘎拉哈(Manchu loanword) knucklebones
see 羊拐
嘎渣儿scab; crust; rice crust
嘎然screech of a sudden stop (onomatopoeia)
suddenly stop (of sounds)
crisply and clearly (of sounds)
嘎然长鸣to give a long and loud cry
嘎调A very high tune of Beijing Opera. For example, "番" in "站立宫门叫小番" should be sang with this tune.