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Radical:囗     Strokes:5

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Words with Chinese Character 四:
四一二12th April
refers to Chiang Kai-shek's coup of 12th April 1927 against the communists in Shanghai
四一二事变the coup of 12th Mar 1927, an attempt by Chiang Kai-shek to suppress the communists
called 反革命政变|反革命政變 or 慘案|惨案 in PRC literature
四一二反革命政变counterrevolutionary coup of 12th April 1927, Chiang Kai-shek's coup against the communists in Shanghai
四一二惨案the massacre of 12th Mar 1927
the Shanghai coup of 12th Mar 1927 by Chiang Kai-shek against the communists
四下环顾to look about
四下里all around
四世同堂Four Generations under One Roof, novel by Lao She 老舍
四个一组的quaternate; quarternate
四个现代化Deng Xiaoping's four modernizations practiced from the 1980s (possibly planned together with Zhou Enlai), namely: modernization of industry, agriculture, national defense and science and technology
abbr. to 四化
四乙基铅中毒tetraethyl lead poisoning
四乙铅tetraethyl lead; tetraethyllead; Tetra-ethyl lead; ethyl
四乡countryside around a town
四书Four Books, namely: the Great Learning 大學|大学, the Doctrine of the Mean 中庸, the Analects of Confucius 論語|论语, and Mencius 孟子
四书五经Four Books and the Five Classics
四人帮Gang of Four: Jiang Qing 江青, Zhang Chunqiao 張春橋, Yao Wenyuan 姚文元, Wang Hongwen 王洪文, who served as scapegoats for the excesses of the cultural revolution
四价[Chemistry] quadrivalence
四价元素[Chemistry] tetrad