Animated Stroke Order of 坐:

stroke order animation of 坐

Radical:土     Strokes:7

Pinyin & Definition:

zuòto sit/to take a seat/to take (a bus, airplane etc)/to bear fruit/surname Zuo

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 坐:
  • sit
    Be seated, please.
  • to take; travel by (a train, airplane etc.)
    travel by plane
  • 坐下sit down
    坐不下have not enough seats for; cannot seat
    坐不住feel uneasy
    坐不垂堂lit. don't sit under overhanging eaves (idiom); fig. don't stay in danger area
    坐井观天lit. to view the sky from the bottom of a well (idiom); ignorant and narrow-minded
    坐享其成enjoy the fruits of others without having toiled
    坐以待旦sit and wait till dawn
    坐以待毙to sit and wait for death (idiom); resigned to one's fate
    坐位seat; sitting position
    坐便器pedestal type WC
    坐像seated image (of a Buddha or saint)
    坐具a thing to sit on; seat
    坐冷板凳to hold a title without the obligations of office
    to be kept waiting for an assignment or audience with a VIP
    to be out in the cold
    坐力see 後坐力|后坐力
    坐功sit quietly
    坐化to die in a seated posture (Buddhism)
    坐卧不宁feel restless
    坐卧不安be on tenterhooks
    坐卧两用床a studio couch