Animated Stroke Order of 型:

stroke order animation of 型

Radical:土     Strokes:9

Pinyin & Definition:

xíngmodel/type (e.g. blood type)

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 型:
type (e.g. blood type)
型号model number
型号规格ts (type specification)
型宽moldedbreadth; molded breadth
型式version; type of structure; model; form; style; precept; pattern
型心core; kernel
型快闪记忆体flash memory
型深moulded depth
型男fashionable and good-looking guy (slang)
型砂sand mixture; casting sand; molding sand; sand mix; mould sand; foundry sand; moulding-sand mixture; moulding sand
型钢profiled bar; figured iron; formed steel; merchant steel; profile steel; shape iron; steel shapes; steel bar; sectional iron; commercial steel; section steel; shape; shape steel; profiled iron; bar shape; fassioned iron; bar steel
型钢轧机section mill; shape rolling mill; shape mill; mill for rolling sections
型铁[Mechanics] swage
型锻[Mechanics] swaged forging; swage