Animated Stroke Order of 堆:

stroke order animation of 堆

Radical:土     Strokes:11

Pinyin & Definition:

duīa pile/a mass/heap/stack

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 堆:
to pile up
to heap up
a mass
堆叠stack; pile; tiering; heap
堆场heap; stock dump; yard
堆垒to pile up
堆垒数论additive number theory (math.)
堆垛stow; stacking; piling
堆垛机ricker; lumber elevator; palletizing machine; piler bed; piler; buncher; harvester-tracker; rick lifter; shocker; buck stacker; stacker; magazine piler; piling machine; stacking machine
堆放to pile up
to stack
堆木场a woodyard; a lumber yard
堆栈stack (computing)
堆案盈几lit. piles of work and papers (idiom); fig. accumulated backlog of work
堆满pile up
堆漆embossed lacquer
堆焊resurfacing welding; overlaying welding; building up; weld deposit; bead weld; puddle welding; overlay welding; bluit up welding; deposit welding; building-up by welding; pile-up welding; surfacing; overlaying; build up welding
堆石坝rock-fill dam; loose rock dam; rockfill dam; stone weir
堆砌lit. to pile up (bricks)
to pack
fig. to pad out (writing with fancy phrases)
堆积to pile up
to heap
堆积物kame; accumulation; deposit; stores; debris; accretion; deposition