Animated Stroke Order of 增:

stroke order animation of 增

Radical:土     Strokes:15

Pinyin & Definition:

zēngto increase/to expand/to add

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 增:
to increase
to expand
to add
增三和弦augmented triad (musical chord)
增产increase production
增产率rate of growth
增修To increase construction.
增值to appreciate (financially)
to increase in value
value-added (accountancy)
增值税value-added tax (VAT)
增充剂expander; extender
增光to add luster
to add glory
增兵to reinforce
to increase troop numbers
增减to add or subtract
to increase or decrease
to go up or go down
增刊additional publication
supplement (to a newspaper)
增删add and delete
增加to raise
to increase
增加两倍to double
增加值value added (accountancy)
增加物addition; additament; augmentation; increment
增加量increasing amount
增印reimpression; new print
增压voltage increase; pressurizing; pressurize; pressure boost; supercharging boosting; supercharging; supercharge; supchg; boost; forced; elevation of pressure; increase of pressure; blowdown; pressure rise; pressure charging; pressurization