Animated Stroke Order of 处:

stroke order animation of 处

Radical:夂     Strokes:5

Pinyin & Definition:

chǔto reside/to live/to dwell/to be in/to be situated at/to stay/to get along with/to be in a position of/to deal with/to discipline/to punish
chùplace/location/spot/point/office/department/bureau/respect/classifier for locations or items of damage: spot, point

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Words with Chinese Character 处:
to reside
to live
to dwell
处世to conduct oneself in society
处世之道way of life
modus operandi
处世原则a maxim
one's principles
处世哲学philosophy; philosophy of life
处之泰然to take things calmly (idiom); not losing one's cool
处事to handle affairs
to deal with
处事原则a maxim
one's principles
处事精明to be clever and smart in attending to business
处于be (in some state, position, or condition)
处于优势to have the advantage; to be on top
处于守势to be on the defensive
处于平等地位to be on an equal footing
处于有利地位to be in an advantageous position; to gain the upper hand; to get the upper hand
处于逆境to be in adverse circumstances
处于顺境to be in favorable circumstances
处以绞刑sent to the gallows; suspendatur per collum
处决to execute (a condemned criminal)
处分to discipline sb
to punish
disciplinary action