Animated Stroke Order of 够:

stroke order animation of 够

Radical:夕     Strokes:11

Pinyin & Definition:

gòuto reach/to be enough

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 够:
to reach
to be enough
够不着to be unable to reach
够交情good enough as a friend
够劲strong enough
够劲儿strong; almost too much to cope with
够受的to be quite an ordeal
to be hard to bear
够味lit. just the right flavor
just right
just the thing
够味儿quite satisfactory; be just the right flavour
够哥们儿To be personally loyal and a true friend.
够岁数To reach a certain standard.
够得着to reach
to be up to
够意思generous; really something
够戗variant of 夠嗆|够呛
够数enough; sufficient in quantity
够朋友be a friend indeed
够本break even; make enough money to cover the cost
够条件to reach the standard; to be qualified
够格able to pass muster
够瞧的really awful; too much